How To Change Clothes In GTA 5?

Do you want to Change Clothes In GTA 5? But don’t know How To Change Clothes In GTA 5? Don’t, today I will help you to change your outfit in GTA 5.

GTA 5 provides us with various ways to change clothes for convenience. The easiest and most useful way to change clothes is your home or any safe houses you own in the game.

Another option is to use the Interaction Menu to modify your clothes. Additionally, if you’re far from your home and feel like a change, you can always visit the clothing stores scattered across the map.

How To Change Clothes In Safe Houses

The first way I change my clothes in GTA 5 is by doing it in my safe house. Each of the three characters in the game has their own safe house.

Micheal’s safe house is a mansion in Rockford Hills, the first one you unlock. Franklin lives in his mom’s house in Vinewood Hills, and Trevor resides in a trailer in Blaine County. As a player, you can get additional safe houses in different parts of the open world.

Here’s how you can change clothes in a safe house:

  1. Go inside your safe house and head to your bedroom.
  2. In your bedroom, look for your Wardrobe Closet.
  3. You can spot your wardrobe with the clothes hanging inside. There will be a text message on the top left corner of the screen saying ‘Change Clothes’ when you’re near your wardrobe.
  4. Select the option to open the clothing menu.
  5. The Clothing Menu will appear in the top left corner.
  6. Here, you can choose from various clothes, including entire outfits or individual items like tops and bottoms.
  7. Press the button to select any of these options. Now, scroll up or down to pick and wear the outfit you want.
  8. You can also create new outfits by combining different tops, bottoms, and accessories.

How To Change Clothes Using Interaction Menu

Here’s a simple way I use to change clothes in GTA 5 from anywhere anytime. However, keep in mind that there are some limitations to this method.

This method is less customizable, allowing you to only change entire outfits or switch headgear. The advantage is that it works for any character in the game.

Here’s how to change clothes using the Interaction Menu:

  1. Open the Interaction Menu.
    • On a PC, press the ‘M‘ key.
    • On PS4, press the ‘Touchpad‘ on the controller.
    • On Xbox, press the ‘View button‘.
  2. The Interaction Menu will appear on the top left corner of your screen.
  3. Go to the ‘Inventory‘ option and select it. (Note: In some game versions, this option might be labeled as ‘Style‘)
  4. Look for the ‘Outfit‘ option.
  5. Swipe right or left to switch between your saved outfits.

How To Change Clothes Using A Clothing Store

Many people prefer this method as it’s quite popular for changing clothes, especially when buying new ones. It ensures that you’re never too far from the next clothing store, and you can easily spot them on the map with a T-shirt icon.

Some well-known clothing stores include Ponsonbys, Suburban, and Binco. Simply head to any of these stores to purchase and switch to new clothes.

Here’s how you can buy clothes from a store:

  1. Go to the clothing store you prefer.
  2. Enter the store and start browsing.
  3. As you approach a specific clothing section, an indicator will appear on the top left corner of the screen. For instance, if you’re near the pants section, you’ll see the message ‘Browse Bottoms.’
  4. Select this option to access all the clothes in that category (e.g., pants and jeans).
  5. Pick the clothes you want for your character, choose the item to buy, and it will be saved in your wardrobe.
  6. Now, these clothes are available for you to wear.

Feel free to mix and match clothes from different categories to create a unique outfit. Remember to save your outfits, as they get lost when you change clothes. While you can recreate the outfit later, saving it makes it easy to get back into it.

You can also save entire outfits, allowing you to showcase some of the most unique and creative looks in the game.


The way you look in a game is a big deal, and GTA 5 stands out by giving players a lot of control over their appearance. At first, the clothing system might seem a bit overwhelming, but trust me, it’s actually quite easy to use and creative.

What’s special is that the game doesn’t limit you. You have the freedom to pick and choose, creating outfits that match your style. Plus, you can save these outfits for your next adventure in Los Santos. So, I suggest going out, checking out different clothing stores, and filling your wardrobe with the clothes you really like. It adds a fun and personal touch to your gameplay experience!

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