How to Save Game in GTA 5?

Do you want to Save your progress in GTA 5? But don’t know How to Save Game in GTA 5. You are not the only one, many new gamers don’t know how to save their progress in GTA 5 Story mode.

Save Game in GTA 5

Don’t worry, today, I will guide you to save your progress in GTA V. Just follow my instructions!

The game takes place in a fictional city called Los Santos, and it gives you a huge world to explore. You have to complete tasks and missions to move forward in the game.

People spend a lot of time playing GTA 5. If you’ve played for a long time and need to stop to do real-life work, you should make sure you don’t lose your progress in the game.

That’s why you need to save game in GTA 5 and next time play the game where you left off.

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How to Save Game in GTA 5?

You can save your progress in GTA 5 using two methods. You can choose either of these ways to make sure you don’t lose your game:

  1. Use the in-game save feature.
  2. Reach a safe location, sleep, and choose to save your game progress.

How to Save Game Using Cell Phone?

To quickly save your progress in GTA 5, open your in-game cell phone by pressing ‘ Up Arrow‘ on the directional pad for consoles or ‘T‘ on the keyboard. Look for the icon that looks like a cloud with an arrow and click on it to save GTA 5 on save game location.

This action performs a ‘Quick Save‘, ensuring that no in-game time passes and your character stays in the same spot where you saved.

How to Save Game by Sleeping?

Saving your progress in GTA 5 is easy; you just need to take a nap. Follow these steps:

  1. Head to the nearest safe house.
  2. When you reach the bed, you’ll see an option to sleep.
  3. Press the right button on your directional pad to initiate sleep.

Your game will be saved. After waking up, you’ll notice that some hours have passed:

  • If you’re playing as Michael, it’s 6 hours.
  • For Franklin, it’s 8 hours.
  • Trevor’s sleep adds up to 12 hours.

Now, you can get up and continue playing!

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