How to Clear FiveM Cache?

As you play GTA 5 using FiveM and check out different servers, your game files can gather extra stuff, causing problems with how well the game runs.

Clear FiveM Cache

To fix this, you need to clear the FiveM cache.

We’ll show you step by step How to Clear FiveM Cache in this guide.

How to Clear FiveM Cache?

To clear the FiveM cache, find the data directory of FiveM and delete the folders named “cache,” “server-cache,” and “server-cache-priv.”

Clearing the FiveM cache involves deleting specific folders, a straightforward process familiar to many. However, the challenge lies in finding the folder, as it becomes hidden once FiveM is installed.

To locate the FiveM data folder, right-click on the FiveM icon, choose “Properties,” and then click on “Open File Location”.

In the FiveM folder, choose “FiveM Application Data,” and from there, pick the “Data” folder.

Inside the Data folder, remove the “cache,” “server-cache,” and “server-cache-priv” folders. Now, you’ve successfully cleared the FiveM cache from your computer.

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