How To Get The Musket In GTA Online?

Wonder How To Get The Musket In GTA Online? But don’t find any solution. Then this article is for you.

The Musket is a unique shotgun in GTA V, even though it looks more like a rifle. You’ll find it in the shotgun section of your weapon wheel in the game, and it’s super powerful up close.

To get the Musket in Grand Theft Auto Online, you need to keep an eye out for a special event that happens once a year. Although it’s labeled as a shotgun, the Musket works more like a single-shot rifle with high damage and a good range. But, it has a small clip and takes a while to reload, so you can’t shoot it quickly.

In a world where players can get modern and high-tech guns like the Railgun in Grand Theft Auto Online, the Musket is a bit old-fashioned.

However, if you know how to use it well, it can still compete with the more modern weapons, making it a good choice to have. You can buy the Musket from Ammu-Nation stores for $21,400, but it’s only available at a specific time each year.

How To Get The Musket In GTA Online?

You can only buy the Musket from Ammu-Nation stores during the Independence Day Special event, which usually happens at the end of June or the beginning of July each year.

This event celebrates Independence Day, and during this time, players have a short period to save up money and get the Musket. Rockstar Games introduced the Musket during the first Independence Day Special event in 2014, and it has been available every year during the event since then.

While it’s cool that the Musket fits the historical theme of Independence Day, it can be frustrating for players who have to wait for this annual event. Although Rockstar hasn’t announced the dates for this year’s Independence Day Special, the Musket is likely to be on sale again.

Additionally, in 2022, Rockstar offered a 50% discount on the Musket, which was a nice bonus for players.

How To Use The Musket Effectively

Ammo Capacity1
Fire Rate1.567
Reload Speed4.56 seconds

It’s important to know that the Musket might not be the best option for quick and intense shootouts due to its small clip size and slow reload speed.

In situations where assault rifles and machine guns excel, the Musket tends to fall short. Considering its limited availability, it’s generally recommended to stick with more common weapons that every GTA Online player can have, like the versatile Special Carbine MK2.

However, the Musket can be a solid choice for long-range shooting. This is especially true when facing opponents with high-fire-rate weapons that struggle with accuracy.

Moreover, the Musket’s powerful shots make it effective for taking down players and even damaging vehicles in Grand Theft Auto Online, as long as you make sure your shots hit the target.

Musket Customization Cost In GTA Online

Rounds and MagazinePrice
Rounds x2$15
Black (Default)
Green (Collector’s and Enhanced Edition)$5,250
Orange (Collector’s and Enhanced Edition)$5,500
Pink (Collector’s and Enhanced Edition)$7,500
Gold (Collector’s and Enhanced Edition)$10,000
Platinum (Collector’s and Enhanced Edition)$12,500

The Musket Design and Performance

The Musket looks more like a rifle in the game, even though it’s classified as a shotgun. It has a long barrel, a wooden finish, and a detailed metal design near the trigger.

Its appearance is reminiscent of a 19th-century British brown bess musket, and the word “Edinburgh” is engraved on the top of the barrel. When reloading, players can be seen adding gunpowder to the barrel and then loading bullets.

In terms of performance, the Musket packs a punch. A single shot can cause significant damage and penetrate through multiple bodies. It’s powerful enough to take out a car’s engine in just two shots, setting it on fire.

Even a helicopter’s rotor can be disabled in two shots, although it does have a relatively slow reload time of 4.5 seconds, which can be a drawback. The heavy rounds from the Musket leave the target in a pool of blood after being shot.

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