How To Roll on GTA 5?

The combat in the GTA games hasn’t had a big change since the first 3D game, GTA III. It’s been pretty much the same, with different weapons, melee fighting, and basic movement.

The most significant change happened in GTA IV with the addition of a cover system. However, GTA 5 didn’t make major changes to the combat system.

In the gaming world, there’s a saying: “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.” Fans have generally been happy with the combat in these games, but they wouldn’t mind a few improvements in the next GTA.

GTA 5 did bring in some changes, like the ability to “roll,” along with crouching and the cover system.

Rolling and crouching are essential moves you need to learn to successfully pull off a heist, evade the police, or take down enemies more efficiently.

Crouching is simple to understand, but rolling involves a few more steps. In this guide, we’ll walk you through How To Roll on GTA 5.

How To Roll on GTA 5 During Combat?

In GTA 5, rolling involves equipping a weapon, right-clicking to aim, and using the movement keys (W/A/S/D) along with the backspace key to Roll on GTA 5.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to Roll on GTA 5 During Combat:

  1. Equip a Weapon: Press and hold the “Tab” button to access your weapons. Move the cursor to select any gun or melee weapon of your choice.
  2. Aim: Right-click to aim after you’ve chosen your weapon.
  3. Move: Use the W/A/S/D keys to make your character move.
  4. Roll: While moving, press Backspace, and your character will start rolling in the chosen direction.

Rolling allows you to dodge enemy shots and avoid taking damage. Keep in mind that there’s a brief delay before you can perform another roll, so timing is crucial. Although mastering rolling requires practice, it can give you a strategic advantage in combat once you get the hang of it.

Rolling in GTA 5 can be done while aiming, and the controls vary based on your gaming platform:

  • PS4: Press the Square Button while aiming.
  • PC: Press the Jump key (default: Spacebar) while aiming.
  • Xbox One: Press the X button while aiming.

Remember, this feature is particularly handy in GTA: Online, especially during gunfights in the open area.

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