How to Spawn a Helicopter In GTA V?

In GTA V, it’s important to have a helicopter because it helps you travel fast around the big city or explore the game world better.

Spawn a Helicopter In GTA V

There are different ways to get a helicopter, but the quickest way is to spawn one. So, how do you spawn a helicopter in GTA V?

How to Spawn a Helicopter In GTA V?

In GTA V, getting a helicopter is easy, and you can do it by using a mod, cheat code, or your mobile phone.

While you can buy a helicopter from Warstock or steal one from the military base, spending $2,000,000 or facing military forces isn’t the best choice.

But don’t worry, there are other ways to get it.

Firstly, you can use a cheat code. Just press the “~” key to open the command console, type “buzzoff“, and press Enter. The helicopter will appear right next to you.

If you’re playing GTA 5 on a console, you need to press the appropriate buttons to activate the cheat and spawn a Buzzard helicopter:

PS4 / PS5Circle, Circle, L1, Circle, Circle, Circle, L1, L2, R1, Triangle, Circle, Triangle
Xbox One / Xbox Series XB, B, LB, B, B, B, LB, LT, RB, Y, B, Y

How to Spawn a Helicopter Using In-game Phone?

You can also get a helicopter using your in-game phone. Just go to your contacts, choose the dial pad, enter the number “1-999-289-9633“, and press the call button.

How to Spawn a Helicopter Using MOD?

Using mods is another efficient way to get a helicopter without much effort. The Menyoo mod, for example, is one of the mods that allow for great customization and intervention in GTA V.

To spawn a helicopter with a mod, press “F8” to activate the mod menu. Then, select “Vehicle Option,” followed by “Vehicle Spawner,” then “Helicopter,” and choose the helicopter you want from the list.

How to Spawn a Helicopter in GTA Online (Without MOD or Cheat Code)?

In GTA V online, cheat codes don’t work, but there are still ways to get a helicopter. Some methods require purchasing one or reaching a certain level in the game. Let’s explore these options:

1. Merryweather Pickup:

  • Level 30 or higher is required.
  • Have $1000 in-game money.
  • Stand on high ground.
  • Use your phone to call Merryweather.
  • Choose ‘Helicopter Pickup’ from the menu.
  • After a short wait, a helicopter arrives. You can take control by shooting the pilot or letting them fly you.

2. Get Your Helicopter Delivered:

  • Purchase a helicopter from Warstock Cache and Carry or
  • Open your phone, go to contacts, and call Pegasus.
  • Select ‘Helicopter’ and then choose the helicopter you purchased.
  • Wait for 5-10 seconds, and the helicopter will be spawned on the map.

3. Request Personal Aircraft:

  • If you own a helicopter, open the Interaction Menu (M on PC, Touchpad on PS, View button on Xbox).
  • Go to Vehicles and select ‘Request Personal Aircraft.’
  • Navigate through your helicopters or air vehicles and choose the one you want to spawn.

4. Request From Special Vehicles:

  • If you own a special vehicle like the Sparrow on your Kosatka, open the Interaction Menu.
  • Go to Services, then Kosatka, and select ‘Request Vehicle.’
  • Choose the specific helicopter you want, and it will spawn in front of you.

Best Helicopter Location in the GTA 5 Map

In GTA 5, there are various helipad locations where helicopters regularly appear for players to take and fly around Los Santos.

Some of these helipad locations include:

  1. Davis Sheriff’s Station
  2. Los Santos Naval Port
  3. Vespucci Police Station
  4. NOOSE Headquarters
  5. Vespucci Helipad
  6. Parachute Jump Locations
  7. Vinewood Racetrack
  8. Mirror Park Boulevard
  9. Maze Bank Tower

Breach Fort Zancudo

Fort Zancudo is where you can find some powerful combat aircraft in GTA 5.

The Military Base in GTA 5 is home to military aircraft like the P-996 Jet Fighter, Buzzard Attack Chopper, and the Titan Mega-chopper.

If you know where the Military Base is and can survive the waves of military personnel trying to stop you, you can get your hands on these military aircraft.

Los Santos International Airport

When you think about Los Santos International Airport, you might imagine commercial jets. But in GTA 5, it’s not just commercial planes in the sky.

Near the northeastern gate of the Los Santos International Airport, players can discover a helipad. This spot is where helicopters are typically spawned and parked.

It’s important to note that entering LSIA will immediately give you a three-star wanted level unless you own a private hangar. So, if you’re there, hop in a helicopter and fly out as swiftly as you can.

Central Los Santos Medical Center

In Downtown Los Santos, at the Central Los Santos Medical Center, there are two helipads that can spawn up to two Air Ambulances in the game. You can get to these helipads by using the stairs or ladders around the building.

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