5 Best and Cheapest Vehicle Warehouses in GTA Online

The vehicle warehouse is one of the earliest businesses in GTA Online, added to the game in December 2016 with the Import/Export update.

Best and Cheapest Vehicle Warehouses in GTA Online

You have to be careful when you buy a vehicle warehouse in GTA Online. So you have to know the Best and Cheapest Vehicle Warehouses in GTA Online.

Unlike other businesses that take time to make money, the special thing about the vehicle warehouse is that it brings in instant profits.

To get into the vehicle warehouse business, players need to own and set up their CEO’s Office first. This is where Rockstar Games introduced the business, making it an essential part of the CEO Office experience.

In GTA Online, there are nine locations for vehicle warehouses, each with its own pros and cons. Even though all of them are in Los Santos, choosing the right location is crucial for the success of the business.

5 Best and Cheapest Vehicle Warehouses in GTA Online, Ranked

5) Cypress Flats Vehicle Warehouse – $2,675,000

The Cypress Flats Vehicle Warehouse is found on Popular Street in Cypress Flats, very close to the La Mesa Vehicle Warehouse. It sits in an industrial zone with several other factories, including Special Cargo Warehouses in GTA Online.

Even though the area is quite busy, it has easy access to major highways like El Rancho Boulevard and Elysian Fields Freeway. This location is known for some gang activity, but it’s simple to steer clear of them by using the highways.

4) La Mesa Vehicle Warehouse – $1,500,000

The La Mesa Vehicle Warehouse is the most affordable vehicle cargo warehouse in GTA Online. Situated on Orchardville Avenue in La Mesa, it has easy access to major routes like the Elysian Fields Freeway, El Rancho Boulevard, Popular Street, and more.

Like the Davis Vehicle Warehouse, this area is influenced by gangs, but they are not as aggressive as the Groove Street gangs.

Getting in might be a bit tricky with narrow streets and limited space for aircraft landings. However, many GTA Online players choose this location because it’s close to highways.

3) Murrieta Heights Vehicle Warehouse – $2,850,000

The Murrieta Heights Vehicle Warehouse is a high-priced property in GTA Online, found near El Rancho Boulevard in Murrieta Heights, east of Los Santos.

For players seeking a vehicle warehouse right by the highway, this property offers convenience.

Despite its proximity to the highway, the entrance to the vehicle warehouse is not well-placed, requiring players to approach carefully to avoid damaging their traded vehicles.

The location provides easy access to major highways such as the Elysian Fields Freeway, Palomino Freeway, Del Perro Freeway, and others.

2) Davis Vehicle Warehouse – $2,495,000

The Davis Vehicle Warehouse is in a handy spot, close to Davis Avenue, Alta Street, and other big roads.

You can find it on Grove Street in Davis, near the Los Santos River. But be careful, because it’s on Grove Street, and you don’t want to upset the local gang members in GTA Online. They can get really mad sometimes.

The area around the property is a bit crowded, with trees, signs, power poles, and a big river.

While there’s a good spot in the front for helicopters to land, the entrance for vehicles is quite small and surrounded by walls.

1) La Puerta Vehicle Warehouse – $2,735,000

The La Puerta Vehicle Warehouse is a top pick for many GTA Online players. It’s on Mutiny Road in La Puerta, northeast of the Maze Bank Arena.

Even though it’s under the La Puerta Freeway, you can easily reach all the main highways like Dutch London Street, Alta Street, and Davis Avenue.

The area around the vehicle warehouse is quite open, except for the La Puerta Freeway flyover.

This is a big plus for players doing vehicle cargo work in GTA Online. It also makes it easier to land aircraft for faster travel.

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