How to Make Money With Vehicle Warehouse in GTA Online?

The Vehicle Warehouse is one of the most highly profitable ventures if you want to make money in GTA Online. For that, you have to know How to Make Money With Vehicle Warehouse in GTA Online.

Make Money With Vehicle Warehouse in GTA Online

What makes owning a Vehicle Warehouse particularly appealing is that even solo players can generate profits actively.

Unlike other businesses in GTA Online that often require group activities, beginners find the simplicity of a Vehicle Warehouse more accessible.

Given its significant profitability, it’s crucial for beginners to understand how to maximize their earnings. Naturally, some vehicles perform better than others when it comes to making money.

How to Make Money With Vehicle Warehouse in GTA Online?

For those aspiring to become CEOs in GTA Online, the most affordable office is Maze Bank West, priced at $1,000,000, accessible through the Dynasty 8 webpage on the in-game phone.

Once purchased, open the interaction menu, navigate to SecuroServ, and Register as a CEO to kick-start the CEO activities.

Head to the office, sit on the chair to use the PC, locate Vehicle Warehouse, and buy Vehicle Warehouse in GTA Online.

For beginners, the La Mesa Vehicle Warehouse is recommended. It’s not only the cheapest but also conveniently located near the highway, enabling faster vehicle movement.

With this setup, players can choose between importing and exporting vehicles, with exporting generally being the more profitable option for most players in GTA Online.

1) Sell Cars for Money

If you want to make money in GTA Online, here’s a cool way – sell cars! First, go to your CEO’s Office and click on “Source Vehicle” on your main PC. Your assistant will find a car for you to steal, which is pretty easy for any GTA Online player.

The tricky part is not damaging the car too much because if it hits 34,000 damage, it will explode. Be careful around other players in GTA Online to keep the car safe. Once you get the car, take it to your warehouse to store it.

You make more money in the Vehicle Warehouse by selling expensive cars. To sell a car, go to the PC in your warehouse and visit Ad-Hawk Autos. There are filters to help you find the car you want, ideally in the “top range” section. When you find it, click on the red “export” button and then the green “export” button above it.

There’s an option called the specialist dealer, and it costs $20,000, but it always gives you more profit than the private and showroom options. So, it’s a good idea to choose it and make more money in GTA Online.

By using the specialist dealer option with top-range cars, you can make a profit of $80,000 each time you sell a car through the Vehicle Warehouse. That’s a lot of money!

2) Selling Your Car

Once you’ve done all the preparation, it’s time to take your fancy car to the buyer’s place. But watch out, some computer-controlled characters might come after you to damage the car and make it less valuable.

Keep in mind that these characters act a bit crazy, so drive carefully to avoid any unnecessary bumps and scrapes.

You can only sell a car every 20 minutes. So, if you have friends, selling cars together makes more money than doing it alone. But even if you’re on your own, using the Vehicle Warehouse is still one of the best ways to make money in GTA Online.

3) 32 Car Method

In a Vehicle Warehouse, you can store up to 40 cars, but many players suggest keeping 32 cars – 10 standard, 10 mid-range, and 12 top-range cars work the best.

Here’s the trick: Only sell the top-range cars to make money. If you go over the 32-car limit, you can’t get duplicate cars, so it’s important not to go beyond this limit.

Having 32 cars is crucial because it allows players to sell all 12 top-range cars while still only sourcing top-range ones, as they will be above 20. Players should aim to stay between 32 and 20 cars to ensure they always get the right cars.

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If players work in a group, they can make well over $1,000,000 using this method. It’s one of the best money-making strategies in GTA Online, so it’s highly recommended for those with a Vehicle Warehouse or considering investing in one.

While solo players won’t earn as much, it’s still easier for them. Regardless, it’s a great idea for all gamers to give the Vehicle Warehouse business a shot at least once in GTA Online due to its potential to make a lot of money.

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