How to Start Vehicle Warehouse Mission in GTA 5?

Did you already bought a Vehicle Warehouse, but don’t know how to start a Vehicle Warehouse Mission, then this article is for you.

Start Vehicle Warehouse Mission

When doing vehicle warehouse missions in GTA Online, there are several important factors to consider.

Firstly, ensure you have a reliable vehicle for the mission. Choose one that is resistant to damage and has a high cargo capacity.

Secondly, assemble a capable crew to assist you during the mission. Your crew should be skilled in helping with the mission objectives and able to provide protection against law enforcement.

Lastly, create a well-thought-out plan for the mission. The plan should involve getting the vehicle to the warehouse, loading it with cargo, and safely extracting it from the warehouse.

Also, include a strategy for returning the vehicle to the starting point. Having a good vehicle, a capable crew, and a solid plan will increase your chances of success in vehicle warehouse missions.

How to Start Vehicle Warehouse Mission in GTA 5?

To start a Vehicle Warehouse Mission in GTA 5, follow these steps:

  • Purchase a Vehicle Warehouse: Buy a Vehicle warehouse from the in-game store. Ensure you have enough in-game currency for the purchase.
  • Select a Location: Find a suitable location for your warehouse. Consider factors like accessibility and proximity to your usual gameplay locations.
  • Get Cars: Purchase cars from the in-game store that you plan to store in your warehouse. Make choices based on your preferences or mission requirements.
  • Delivery to Warehouse: Deliver the purchased cars to your warehouse. This may involve driving or transporting them to the specified location.

Once you complete these steps, you’ll be set to engage in car warehouse missions in GTA Online. Remember to plan your purchases and deliveries strategically for efficient mission progress.

How do Vehicle Warehouses work in GTA 5?

In GTA 5, there are two main types of warehouses: regular warehouses and vehicle warehouses. Regular warehouses can store any type of vehicle, while vehicle warehouses are exclusively for vehicles.

To access these warehouses, go to the “Warehouse” section in the game’s menu. To store a vehicle, drive it into the garage and press the “Store” button. To retrieve a vehicle, go to the “Retrieve” section in the menu and choose the vehicle you want.

One highly profitable method in GTA Online is using vehicle warehouses. These allow you to sell up to 40 cars and store special vehicles in an underground garage. To own a vehicle warehouse, you need to purchase it through the Executive Office.

Having a vehicle warehouse is necessary for collecting vehicles in the game. When selecting a warehouse, consider its location carefully.

La Puerta is often considered one of the best vehicle warehouses, while El Burro Heights has its pros and cons, affecting your encounters with enemies.

A vehicle warehouse is crucial for building a luxurious vehicle collection. You can store luxury vehicles obtained from Warstock Cache and Carry or stolen from other players.

Note that this warehouse is not for general cargo but specifically for vehicles not classified as luxury.

Renting a vehicle warehouse allows you to access a diverse range of top-tier luxury vehicles. With ten of each model, you can have all 12 top-tier luxury vehicle models.

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